ATIAT Leasing Limited

is a wholly Nigerian-owned proprietary leasing and finance company.

Personal Finance Advisory

Atiat offers tailored personal financial advisory services that help our clients plan for future expenses, save for specific outcomes, finance asset acquisitions and more.

What We Offer

ATIAT Leasing Limited specializes in various forms of leasing. We provide fleet management services to individuals and corporates. Our vision is to be the leading leasing and finance firm offering value-added services to a select clientele through a broad range of financial products customized to suit specific needs. The list of our corporate clients keeps growing and includes large corporates.


We help our customers acquire assets under our name

At ATIAT, we finance the acquisition of assets like vehicles, trucks, computers, and furniture. We help our customers acquire assets under our name to own them at an agreed tenor with a flexible payment plan.


At ATIAT, we understand the demand and complexities of modern enterprises.

Due to the high cost involved in owning and operating equipment, many business owners would rather lease rather than own this equipment; this is where ATIAT comes in, to provide necessary operating leases to our customers.


At ATIAT, we believe in enabling growth and harnessing potential.

We believe that with a carefully laid out financing plan, combined with hard work and determination, every business owner can succeed and establish a sustainable enterprise.


We also offer numerous services

Whether you are a small startup company or a well-established organization in need of financial solutions to augment your existing resource, we can work with you to study all available options and set up a solid financing strategy that will get you closer to achieving your goals.


We have partnered through reputable companies to provide premium services